What is Zayfti

Introducing Zayfti 1.43 with Zayfti Maps 2.0 & Zayfti Muster

Zayfti is the future of Workplace Reporting.

Zayfti is a mobile first application that streamlines field to office communications. By simplifying and digitizing the paperwork requirements in the field, companies can increase operational efficiencies, reduce errors, and drive their own business intelligence with the tap of a screen.

Each interaction completed from the field automatically creates an action in the web dashboard. Information is filed, and through company specific configurations, events, critical dates and assigned actions create and send alerts. The live web dashboard allows the office a real time, geo located snap shot of what is happening with people, assets, subcontractors and jobsites.

Apple or Android phone or tablet ready, the simple, clean, and intuitive interface allows for easy onboarding and is designed to Save Lives, time and money.

Zayfti was founded in 2013, in Alberta Canada on the belief that we can do better, that we can send workers home safely while creating operational efficiencies. Personally effected by a work place death, our goal is to send every worker home safe at the end of their shift.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3


Sign Up

  1. upload your people, subs, jobs and assets into the system (one at a time or spreadsheet)
  2. each person, sub, job, and asset is rendered a QR code allowing for scan and go (no RFID reader required)
  3. select required forms for daily operations from our library of forms or customize your own

Time Investment 15 minutes – 1.5 hours



Set Up

  1. Add certifications, competencies, emergency information to Personnel Profiles
  2. Assign Assets to people or jobsites for direct accountability
  3. Configure Alerts for automatic reminders
  4. Host important data – from WCB information to Asset Operational Manuals to Company Manuals

Investment (15 minutes -3.0 hours).


Ship Out

Simply text your users our welcome text (which includes a link to the correct app store for their device) along with their temporary username and password.

From here they can download the app, log in and get started.

Time invested – minimal