What does it mean when a profile is inactive?

It simply means your profile has not been activated. This can be done by your company administrator, on the Zayfti web dashboard.

What if a worker has forgotten his or her login information, but he/she needs to sign a form?

You may simply scan their QR code to attach their signature to a form. Resetting your password can be done on the Zayfti web dashboard.

Why am I unable to find the piece of equipment that I would like to check out?

The equipment search engine is particular, check that you have the correct spaces and capitalization in your search. If available try scanning the QR code. If you still are unable to find the equipment, ensure the equipment is available. Keep in mind that like a library book, equipment must be first checked in and available on a job site before you can sign it out. Contact your company admin to make sure the equipment is checked in.

My employer has told me that they have added new forms, documents or equipment to the company profile, but I can’t see them. What do I do?

Try logging out and logging back in. The app must be fully refreshed in order to update your profile with new information.


The app will not work on my device. What do I do?

Please ensure that you have the latest software update from your device's manufacturer. Our app is designed to be compatible with the latest versions of iOS and  Android operating systems.


I’ve encountered a bug, what do I do?

Please contact us by tapping the Hazard Triangle on the app home screen. We hate bugs as much as you do and will work to solve your problem as soon as we can!


As a Prime Contractor, can I view details about my Subs?

Yes, personnel information  (safety and compliance information) will show in your dashboard. Subcontractors are only able to see their own personnel information, and documentation that you give them access to (ERP's, forms etc.).


Can subcontractors I’ve invited view my company and employee’s information?

No. They will only have access to job sites, documents and forms that you have given them permission to view.


Do I need to generate QR codes manually each time I create a new piece of equipment?

No! Our system automatically generates QR codes for each piece of equipment you create or import from a spreadsheet.


Can I create multiple equipment, job site, user profiles, etc. at once?

Yes! Simply access your company settings from the web dashboard and click the "Import to Zayfti" icon. Here, you will be able to download a spreadsheet template for the specific type of profile you have selected. Once you have downloaded the appropriate spreadsheet, simply fill the cells with the right information, save it, and then upload it (Zayfti Dashboard --> Settings --> Import to Zayfti).


What happens if I forget my password?

Simply contact one of the company administrators and they will be able to edit your profile information, including your password.


Can I build my own forms?

Yes, we highly recommend you contact one of our in house form builders before you start. They will be happy to give you a free tutorial and support to make form building as simple as possible. Contact us here.


What happens if a job site is not in an area that has cell phone service?

If you know you are headed out to a non service area, please log in to your app when you are in an area with service. Once logged in you can go to any non service area and your device will hold your information until you reach service. When you reach service the app will automatically update the server with your submitted information.


Do I need to manually check in/out when I enter/exit a job site?

This depends how your company has set up the job site. If they have enabled auto check in/out you will not need to. If they have opted for manual check in /out you will have to check in and out each time you enter or exit a job site.


Who has access to the personal information that I have entered in the app?

Only you and your employer have access to the information.  Our team of experienced technical experts use encryption technology that rivals those of credit card companies to keep your information private.


My phone shows that it is tracking my location even when I’m not using the app. Is my private information at risk?

No.  The Zayfti application does not track your location data until you check into a work site, submit forms, check out equipment, or otherwise use features of the app that require your location to be submitted. When you use the app features, it will record the date, time and location of the interaction. Ex. Amy checked into site (Office 123) at 2:03 pm October 14 2016.