The single greatest cost and risk on any job site is people.  Between employees, subcontractors and short service workers people are always coming and going.  

For companies targeting to decrease non productive time and increase real time visibility of where there people are on site Zayfti is proud to offer Zayfti Personnel on Board.  

  • A simplified mobile user interface that is a method for onsite addition of subcontractors and people and an offline available map with muster locations
  • Decreasing Non-Productive Time has never been easier.
  • Decrease wait times at the gate, increase hours of service visibility, and know where your people are on a large site.
  • In an emergency situation, be prepared with an accurate and realtime list of people.

One System to Complete

  • Fast Digital Sign in
    • Decrease non-productive time by 1 hr per person / day
  • Place Checked in Workers on a Job Site Map
    • Accurate and simple personnel management
  • Stay Compliant
    • Ensure ticket validation
    • Ensure site based certification requirements are met
  • Muster Point Check In
    • During a emergency situation personnel can check into muster points
    • Muster points held on the system available off line
  • Real Time Roster
    • Available from anywhere
    • Make the sign in sheet a thing of the past!

Download the Case Study

How a Field-Based IoT Solution is Ushering Personnel on Board Into the Digital Age