Live JobSite, HSE, & Assets

An essential piece of operational efficiency lies in the efficient deployment of people and assets as well as accurate and timely collection of job site data.  

Zayfti Live JobSite:

  • Allows for marked improvements for both.  
    • Our field software has proven itself through a simplified user experience and by driving operational value from every screen interaction.  
  • Creates a superior live picture of both regulatory compliance and real time field operations.
    • The interactive, off line custom maps create a visual overview of operations, with practical time saving field benefits.
    • Important locations are marked and equipment, events or hazards can be added with a simple tap of the screen, optimizing the utilization of resources.
    • The simple form engine allows for field completion of all digital forms and inspections, driving data to a powerful reporting engine.

We understand that every dollar counts. Companies who utilize Zayfti Live JobSite realize a significant competitive advantage through both time and money saved.

One System to Complete

  • Fast digital sign in of people & equipment
    • Decrease non productive time by 30min /person/day
    • Accurate real time job site activity
  • Simple digital completion of HSE paperwork
    • Eliminate lost, illegible, paperwork
  • Interactive maps
    • Add events, off road & off line
  • Automatic Reporting
    • Eliminate paper / spreadsheet data entry
    • Real time reports available from anywhere
  • Digital completion of environmental compliance
    • Automated reporting for regulatory bodies
  • Decrease your logistics budget by 27%
    • Efficient utilization of contracted resources 

Download the Case Study

How a Field-Based IoT Solution is Helping One Global Project Management Firm Decrease Costs by 20%