Water and Waste

Paper based water and waste reporting to meet mandatory environmental standards is an expensive and time consuming task.  Knowing the location and licence water came from, how much was drawn and ensuring no limits or licenses are breached is a significant cause for concern as major fines and significant social pressure is aimed at this critical resource.  When multiple subcontractors are drawing water from the same source and transporting it to multiple places for multiple end uses making a complicated job even more difficult.  

Enter Zayfti Water & Waste. Built in the offline oil fields of Northern Canada,  

  • Zayfti goes straight to the source with a tool that enables haulers to complete their paper work while fulfilling reporting requirements.  
  • Zayfti eliminates paper records and the need for manual data entry.
  • With improved accuracy, water limits are monitored in real time with alerts sent via text message.  
  • With automatic reporting, make your water usage transparent and ready to show in real time.  

Barry, a hauler who NEVER had used a cell phone prior to using Zayfti puts it best:


"I've never used one of these before, but its working out for me, and it doesn't give me any problems."

One System to Complete

  • Track volumes of fluid in real time 
    • Volume, origin, destination, hauler, unit
  • Off Line, Off Road, Interactive Maps 
    • Directions to wells, water sources, disposal locations, medic locations
    • Add events & notifications to map from any mobile device
  • Limits and levels alerts via text message
    • Decrease risk of exceeding a licensed volume
  • Automatic detailed reporting created with data provided by haulers
    • Make manual data entry a distant memory

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How a Field-Based IoT Solution is Helping One Global Project Management Firm Decrease Costs by 20%